Thursday, 7 August 2008

back to the grind..

I'm back from my tour of Ireland's west coast and already wishing I wasn't. The weather was warm and sunny, the climb (more of a slog) up Croagh Patrick was a bit heavy going and why some people do it barefoot I will never understand.
On the way out I was rather embarrassed to be picked out by an Irish sniffer dog as a potential drug smuggler due to something being wrong with my camera bag. After being taken somewhere private and the gloves going on I started to get a little worried. Luckily they only decided to search the bag and after I explained that I had owned the bag for over 15 years and it had been to many rock festivals, gigs, parties etc and I could have picked up traces at any of these they let me off with a warning and a suggestion to get the bag cleaned.
After that it was a matter of planning a route around Galway, Clew Bay and Coonamara.
One last thing, if you are going to go camping in Ireland check out the prices of the campsites before you get there we found the charge to range from 15 to 42 euros per night for two people in one tent and a car.
Enjoy the rest of your summer as I am now back at work. People keep saying to me "you'll be off for the summer now, won't you." I have to put them straight that I am paid as a technician not a teacher and we have plenty to do during the holidays sorting out new equipment, fixing broken and doing audits.
Oh well, back to work.