Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Dude, Where's my De Lorean?....

It's the time of year to update our equipment resources and I have emailed the rest of the department to see if anyone had any ideas or equipment that needs to be bought in. One reply I got was for a flux capacitor, obviously for someone who can't find enough hours in the day. Surprisingly there is an actual site that claims to be selling this item and it can be found at;
The product reviews are definately worth a read.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

I Need A Car....

This morning one of the 6 buses a day I catch was late thus I arrived in the town centre in time to see bus number 2 pulling out without me. If everything goes right I normally get to work 40 minutes early but when I miss bus number 2 this means I will be 15 minutes late due to traffic.
Before anybody says "you voted against the congestion charge so it's all your own fault" can I point out this journey goes away and outside the failed planned zone.
The up side of being stuck in traffic on bus number 3 is I get the chance to read all of the Metro newspaper, the down side is I end up listening to people talking bollocks. Listening to two pimply male teenagers discussing skin care products made me want to rip my own spleen out and then one of them said he was getting grief off his tutor for being late all the time. His logic was if this bus ran on time he would not be late and getting the earlier one would just make him early and not on time.
The point were I wanted to just throw him out of the emergency exit was when he said "I am giving blood for the first time next week and they give you all these rules you have to pass first. Do you know they won't let you give blood if you have a sexually transmitted disease. I think they are making these rules up".
I kid you not.
I wonder if I can sue First Bus for forcing me to listen to this crap.

Monday, 9 March 2009


I know I have been neglecting the blog again but I have been a bit busy not only at my day job but also on a new project.
A friend of mine introduced me to a friend of hers who is making a short film in our area. If everything comes off OK she will be getting a job in Hollywood. But the Yanks want to see some recent work of hers so she has written a short thriller and is getting people to help film it.
One problem, we have no budget for equipment, locations, costumes etc. But the thing is that because of the importance of this project the number of people who have volunteered time, skills, homes, offices, bars, dogs etc to the film is amazing.
I am doing camera and editing and last night spent an hour and a half pacing round Brambles Bar with the director discussing the opening scene which will last approx 1 minute.
Filming of "The Next Victim" start the first week of the Easter break and is going to take up a lot of my time.
P.S. we still need a lift interior and a tall office block if you know where there is any going in the North Manchester area.