Saturday, 19 July 2008

Schools Out...

Today is the first day of a well earned break and will not be back at work for two weeks.
A recent joke has been;

Me: I'm going Thailand.
Other person: Which part?
Me: Galway

If you don't get the joke say it in a northern accent.
Yes I will be spending a few days over in Ireland touring the West and North visiting places like Galway, Westport, Mohar, Croagh Patrick and Father Ted's house. I hope to bring back some bril pics and stories.
In the meantime check out this hilarious video:

Simon's Cat vid 1 of 3

Friday, 18 July 2008

Should not be allowed to breed...

This is not a new story but one I have just remembered that adds to what I have to put up with going to and from work.
I was sitting on a front seat upstairs on a double decker bus reading a book. Across from me also at the front is a guy talking on his mobile. There is no one else on the bus except the bus driver.
This guy was obviously talking to his girlfriend and the call was getting very personal so I was listening in.
She had just told him that she was going for a bath and he started going on at great length and detail as to how he could help her take the bath if he was there. It was getting really graphic when the girl stopped him because she realised that others could hear this conversation. His reply to that was " It's OK, there is only one other person on the bus and he is reading a book, so he can't hear us".
What a genius.

Thursday, 17 July 2008

I'm back..

Sorry with neglecting the blog recently but with one thing and another.....
Anyway, I am back and as I am now all on my own in the department what with Stuart going to pastures new (or gone over to the dark side as I prefer) and everyone else being off on holiday it's lonely in the basement. How Sadaam H. spent all that time in that hole I'll never know.
So what am I going to do for material now?
I will be checking out the best of the web for stuff I think is funny enough to pass on to yaaall.
keep checking back.
Oh, BTW Simon. Those comments about my niece? Can I just remind you that my brother (her father) was trained at great expense by HM goverment to kill people, (ask him about his time spent with 2 Para in a war zone) so it's not me you have to worry about.
On with the blog..