Saturday, 31 January 2009

Crazy Fools!!!...

My sources have informed me that a film version of The A-Team should be out for release some time in 2010. Why can't the leave it alone. Next thing it will be The Iceland advert The Movie with Halle Berry playing Kerry Katona.

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Bury Times, They Are A Changing....

The Bury Times is a local newspaper that has seen so much slimming down over the recent years that it became positively anorexic. Newqust, the American owners, have decided to get rid of some of the key staff and moved practically all the rest to their Bolton office. The printing of the BT won't be affect the lads at the Bolton press because it has been closed down they have been made redundant and it is being printed somewhere in Wales!! Meanwhile the Bury Times is being printed in Glasgow!!
Newsquest own over 300 local newspapers and this is not the first instance of them cutting back and it won't be the last, so if you work for Newsquest it may be a time to start looking for a new job.
My mate Simon has set up a Keep The Bury Times In Bury group on Facebook and it has amassed over 700 members and still rising. Members include MPs MEPs journalists PR people and many ordinary people local and abroad. search it out on Facebook for lots more info.
Latest addition to the things people say:
Girl playing on a pub quiz machine: Napoleon......That a type of ice cream.
I honestly do not make these up.

Fame at last....

I have been asked if I minded my blog being used as a teaching aid so as I said OK I suppose I should keep it up to date.
My mate Simmy has got a new hobby, it is kick boxing. The other night he was showing off his new moves after a beer or two and the result was Simon getting a bust lip, Me getting a whack on the nose and a bruised knee and Simmy landing on his backside in the middle of the street breaking his finger. So a good time had by all.
I have finished my rant on the congestion charge only to mention that Firstbus had a plan in place in case it didn't go through, they put the prices up by 10.8%. Nice move.
I finaly got a joke on my mobiles that actually funny opposed to sexist or racist so here it is.
Saudi Arabia TV are having second thoughts on showing The Flintstones on television over there. They think that people in Dubai would not understand the humour but Abu Dabi do.