Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Winter Wonder? Land...

So we had a bit of snow yesterday and London came to a halt. Why? I noticed on the news that people couldn't get to work but had no problem getting to the park with the kids. One woman was going on about how difficult it was on the roads while standing next to a road with free moving traffic.
The M25 was a car park, nothing new there then.
Buses couldn't move in the city but the drivers throwing snowballs at each other (and the news crew) seemed to have no problem getting to work. In fact the news crews were all over the place reporting how bad conditions were so they didn't have any problems.
we knew this weather was coming a week ago but London has shown us up again, can't wait for the Olympics.
Maybe the traffic chaos was caused by people having trouble with their Chelsea Tractors (4x4's) being fitted with road tyres and then expecting to drive as normal. Let's face it London is not a particularly hilly place now is it.
I'm sorry Boris but you let the country down by being ill prepared for something we knew was going to happen. You and all those skiving southern softies who sneaked a day off.
On a sadder note, two brothers died on Crib Goch in Snowdonia the other day. I know this place and it is a very dangerous ridge even in good conditions. I feel sorry for the family's loss but they were ill advised to attempt this journey given the weather warnings.

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